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Learn Grammar Without Memorizing the Rules

2019-11-13 | Admin

Do you have difficulties with remembering grammar rules and got confused when you have to apply it into sentences. If so, how can you topple the difficulties then? When you learn a new language,... read more

Dawn of Civilization for PC released! (Windows 1.4.5)

2019-09-12 | Admin

You can now manage your city from your PC because we are now ready with the Windows version of Dawn of ... read more

A Way to Improve English Speaking

2019-09-12 | Admin

English is the global lingua franca. It is used not only in traditional English-speaking countries but also in countries whose m... read more

New Feature: Alliance and Missions System

2019-09-12 | Admin

Greetings Mayor! We would like to announce that we’ve added a read more