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Things to Avoid when Learning English

2019-12-18 | Admin

Learn the mistakes and make changes to improve your English! Here are the 5 major things to avoid when learning Englishread more

Learn Grammar Without Memorizing the Rules

2019-11-13 | Admin

Do you have difficulties with remembering grammar rules and got confused when you have to apply it into... read more

Dawn of Civilization for PC released! (Windows 1.4.5)

2019-09-12 | Admin

You can now manage your city from your PC because we are now ready with the Windows version of Dawn of ... read more

A Way to Improve English Speaking

2019-09-12 | Admin

English is the global lingua franca. It is used not only in traditional English-speaking countries b... read more

New Feature: Alliance and Missions System

2019-09-12 | Admin

Greetings Mayor! We would like to announce that we’ve added a read more