A Way to Improve English Speaking

Admin / 2019-09-12 / 2 min read

English is the global lingua franca. It is used not only in traditional English-speaking countries but also in countries whose mother tongues are not English. Some non-native speakers may have different motives to learn English; some have business matters with native or non-native English speakers, some want to be able to travel all around the world without a companion of a translator, while some are just fascinated by Hollywood movies and want to understand better. So there are good reasons for non-English speakers to learn English well.

However, learning English is not always easy for a non-native speaker, especially when it comes to speaking. Many English learners can learn written English very well but they just can’t speak it fluently. So how can we learn to speak English proficiently?

One effective way to improve oral English is to watch plenty of excellent and interesting English movies, TV shows or entertainment programs; basically videos of native English speakers having a daily conversation. This way, you will not find learning a foreign language to be so boring. And If you are particularly interested in the videos you watch, you will be willing to put more effort to learn English. 

Fortunately, Dawn of Civilization provides a compilation of videos for you to watch! The videos you will see are customized based on your current English competence. The reason for this is solely to make sure that the content we provide for you is relevant for your learning journey.

If you watch these videos and imitate what the actors say again and again, we guarantee that your speaking skill will greatly improve very soon.

Happy learning!

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