Dawn of Civilization for PC released! (Windows 1.4.5)

Admin / 2019-09-12 / 2 min read

You can now manage your city from your PC because we are now ready with the Windows version of Dawn of Civilization for you! You can play it in online- and offline mode. Our current PC version is supported by Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. All of our newly released updates are already available on this version, including the alliance and missions system! We have also improved our speaking games by adding a speech-to-text mode adjustment. You can also choose to use external recording devices to be used for the game and select the game voice that you prefer for the offline mode, (e.g. Microsoft David, Microsoft Zira, Microsoft Mark). 

You can log in with your existing account on the current PC version if you are registered using an email or phone number. Logging in using Gmail and Facebook will be available very soon!

´╗┐The download link is available on our home page, come give it a try

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