Learn Grammar Without Memorizing the Rules

Admin / 2019-11-13 / 3 min read

Do you have difficulties with remembering grammar rules and got confused when you have to apply it into sentences. If so, how can you topple the difficulties then? When you learn a new language, grammar would be one of the most primary things to learn. Without grammar, you wouldn’t be able to express a precise and meaningful sentence. So if you want to master the language, you can’t ignore the grammar. 

On the other side, the most common difficulties encountered when learning a new language is also learning grammar. Mostly it is because you would begin to learn it through remembering the rules and got in trouble after you realize that there’s no way you could remember all of those rules every time you have to speak or write something. The reason you’re facing that difficulty is that grammar shouldn’t be learned in an isolated manner. Remembering the rules is not enough if you want to improve your grammar. You also need to learn the context of which grammatical form should be used for which specific context. Learning grammar in context will allow you to see how rules can be used in sentences because then you will understand how the language works and use it to improve your communication skills. 

The best way to learn grammar in context is through dialogues. The use of dialogues will match the learners of how the language is used in the daily situation since the main reason for us to learn a new language is to be able to talk to other people. You can practice your grammar through this method with our mini-games. One of our mini-games, Brain Battle, will encourage you to get to familiarize yourself with the form of grammar used in simple dialogical conversation, question and answer. The other game that would help you with your grammar is Word Snap. In this game, you will be given a paragraph with a couple of missing words. Your task is to complete the sentence with the appropriate words so that it will become a meaningful paragraph. 

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