New Feature: Alliance and Missions System

Admin / 2019-09-12 / 2 min read

Greetings Mayor! We would like to announce that we’ve added a new feature to our game. We now have an alliance system, so you can build a city collectively with your friends!  Here are some details to give you an idea about how the alliance system works: 


How does it work?

The alliance system will allow you to get rewards by playing the game alongside friends. There will be a variety of mini-game-related tasks that you need to complete to get the reward. By completing the missions, your alliance level will increase. You’ll get rewards in the form of money, stars, and tokens. These rewards can be used to buy items in the alliance bank, and to build your own alliance city.  


How to start an alliance?

To start an alliance, your town has to be at least at level 30 and you need to pay $ in-game money. The newly-built alliance can include 10 members and will gradually increase as your alliance level becomes higher. As an alliance manager, you are allowed to personalize your alliance avatar as well as to decide who gets to be your alliance members. Ideally, you would pick candidates with higher levels as it will benefit your alliance.  



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