Dawn of Civilization - English Learning Game

Play, learn and share with your friends

Build your own city and test your English level!


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Very educational indeed! A fun app where you can do English learning on the go. The missions make it more enticing to keep playing, and the city upgrades you get make you want to unlock more!

- Ma. Corazon Balarbar

A very good game to play!

- FaDe ScuM

Unlimited Fun, Unlimited Knowledge

See how you can learn while enjoying yourself!

Build Your City

Build your very own thriving city! Improve your facilities! The possibilities are endless!

Play, Earn and Build

Play games and do missions to earn more cash for your city!


Visit your friends and check out their city as well!

Learning is Fun

Learn while you play! TOEFL certified trivia are packed in this game!

Learning should be fun. How do we empower kids to learn with the fast-becoming globally-accessible internet and smartphone? Perhaps this is one of the key questions of our age.

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