Frequently Asked Questions

The game doesn’t allow me to log-in.
  • We appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to play the game now. Please understand that there might be a lot of players online at the moment. Do try again in a few minutes!
  • There are instances that there is an ongoing server update. Please be patient and come back in a while! In the meantime, better brush up on your vocabulary skills, to make sure you get better scores in the missions!
I can’t register using my name! Please help.
  • There might be another player already using the same log in name you inputted. Try another name or be creative! Add numbers and symbols to your name!
  • The server might have an ongoing update. In the meantime, you can think of creative ways to show your name to the world!
I’m only a kid, but I want to play the game! Can I ask my parent’s to sign an account for me?
  • Of course you may! That is actually the correct way of creating an account for kids. Simply ask your parent’s help in creating an account for you and they’ll do the rest!
I don’t have an internet connection for now. Is it still possible to play this game?
  • Yes! The game allows players to play this game with or without an internet connection. While you won’t have all the features available offline, you may still be able to build your city and play mini-games / missions.
  • Previously played mini-games and missions are available offline. If you want access to the new mini-games, you need to go online once more.
  • Visiting friends is not possible offline, unfortunately. Make sure to get online again so you could visit and play games with your friends!
I can’t select or place a building on my land.
  • Make sure that you have enough in-game cash to purchase your building. You can earn cash by accomplishing missions, playing mini-games, or even visiting your friends!
  • Check to see that you are placing your building in a piece of land that you “own”. You can see these areas as the Green Grid boxes, where it is allowable for you to place your buildings.
I can’t upgrade my buildings.
  • Make sure that you have enough in-game cash, correct number of stars required, and / or sufficient Town Level before upgrading your building. By doing missions and playing mini-games, you can earn cash, stars, and experience points to help level you up!
  • Some buildings might have other requirements. Make sure to follow the instructions shown!
My buildings appear funny! Why have they changed?
  • A friend might have played a funny prank at you and changed your building color, or turned it into something else like a pineapple! Click on the building, then click on the “Clean” button to turn it back to your original building!
  • You can also have a bit of fun and prank your friend too! Visit their city and turn one of their buildings into a pineapple!
Can I change my building colors or move them to a different location?
  • Of course you can! Once the building is finished and ready, simply select them to move or change their color! When moving them, make sure to place them on a grid space that you “own” (similar to when you purchase a building and place them on your grid).
I can’t visit my friend’s city.
  • Have you added your friend? Check to see that they have accepted your invitation as well!
  • Make sure you have an active internet connection, since you would need to be connected to visit other cities.
I got an achievement while playing! Is there anything special I can get?
  • Good for you! Congratulations for getting an achievement! You’ll be able to get additional rewards like in-game cash and points on top of your award!
  • Want to check all your achievements? You can if you select the configuration button (located at the upper right of the screen) and click on the achievements button. However, you have to make sure you are online in order to save and view your achievements!
The Vocabulary game is quite tricky! How do I move the letters?
  • Simply drag the letters you want to move to their correct location. The other letters will adjust accordingly.
  • Listen to the on-screen instruction at the beginning of the game for an in-depth explanation.
The Pronunciation game is tough! I can’t seem to get the correct tone.
  • Are you talking clearly on the phone mic? Make sure your tone is clear and pronounce each syllable clearly so that the game can process it well.
  • Speak at one syllable at a time! That will definitely do the trick.
Why do I receive cards now instead of stars anymore?
  • Since our updated 1.1.9 version, we start to replace stars with rewards cards which have different effects.
How can I get the reward cards?
  • You can get the reward cards after completing each mini-game, finishing daily mission, complete a challenge, and level up your city.
  • The number of reward cards that you can get after completing each mini-game depends on your score.
  • You can receive up to 5 cards if you get the perfect score in each mini-game.>
How many types of cards that are available in this game?
  • Based on its level, the rewards cards are divided into 3 levels: bronze, silver, and gold.
  • The higher the level of each reward card, the stronger the effect it will have, but it will be harder to get one.
  • The reward cards have many effects which can help you to build up your city.
Are there other games available?
  • We are constantly brewing up new games every day! Make sure to check back once in a while to see the new games we have created just for you!
  • Also, make sure you are online when checking for new games! Who knows, we might just have one ready by tomorrow!